​​​​JBQ Officials Test

Certified officials must complete and pass both portions of the current Officials Test with an 75%. 

Each team is required to bring two certified officials per team to each league match.  A 10 point penalty will apply to each quiz for each team not providing two certified officials. 

In order for your officials to take the test, they should follow the directions below: 

  1. Go to or click the button "Take the Officials Test" below. 
  2. Select the portion of the Officials Test that you would like to take: either the General Test portion or the Scorekeeping Test portion. (The two sections of the test are scored and resulted independently. So the user can decide to take one or both parts of the test.)
  3. Read the directions for the test, then fill-in the registration information.
  4. Once you complete the test(s), an e-mail will be sent to the PenFlorida Coordinator, Dan Anderson, who will forward your  results to the PF Youth Office.
  5. If you complete the test with a passing score (75% or better), you will need to email a screenshot of your score to
  6. If you fail the exam, simply retake it using the explanations provided at the end of  each test portion. 

JBQ Season Registration begins July 1, 2020.

The cost per team to register before September 2nd is $100.
The cost per team to register after September 2nd is $135.

​Registration for teams wanting to quiz in the October quiz meet is over. New teams can still register, but for the November Quiz meet. If you want to register for the November meet, please contact me directly at:

Pen Florida District JBQ

Dan Anderson District JBQ coordinator

 bio here

2019-2020 Meet schedule.

​Oct.12th '19, Nov. 9th '19, Jan. 11th '20, Feb. 8th '20.

March 7th '20 (District Finals)@ Calvary Orlando church
119 clay street, Winter Park, FL 32789